Influencer Gala Gonzalez
Gala González
Influencer Cup of Couple
Mike & Gabi
Cup of couple
Influencer Andrea Belver
Fernando Verdasco
Influencer Ilcarritzi
Miguel Carrizo
Influencer Andrea Belver
Andrea Belver
Influencer Andrea Belver
Gonzalo Muiño
Influencer Andrea Belver
Ana Boyer
Influencer Jerome Cloetens
Jerome Cloetens
Influencer Briandadibujando
Brianda Fitz James Stuart
Influencer Maxim Huerta
Javier Sánchez Medina
Influencer Mi Armario en Ruinas
Ester Bellón
Mi Armario en Ruinas
Influencer Stella Wants to Die
María Tilve
Stella Wants To Die
Influencer Andrea Belver
Paula Baset
Influencer Maxim Huerta
Alejandra Remón
Influencer Yago Bruna
Yago Bruna
Influencer David Olivas
David Olivas
Influencer Lost in Vogue

Okiko Talents is the leading influencers agency in digital talents management.

Our knowledge and experience combines every angle of brand-building process (Social Media, TV, product design, events, literary genre opportunities and e-commerce). We raise our influencers´ voices further away in the ever-changing digital landscape, turning their personal storytelling into genuine brands concept.