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Carla Cervantes

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He is a familiar face in the artistic sphere due to his works as photographer and DJ, and he has an unbreakable faith in the power of still image to change contemporary culture.

Whenever CARLA CERVANTES dances, she outlines with her body the universe she has previously pictured in her mind; lines, ideas, dynamics and geometric shapes that are materialized through her steps. She views each choreography as a sketch, as an opportunity to evolve, revolutionize and to feel infinite. She took up dance studies in 2007, and six years later she moved to China in order to develop her professional career as a dancer.

As Movement Designer her body is her means of creating art and generating sensations on whoever watches her. Apart from having been teacher in the TV dancing show “Fama ¡a bailar!” , together with Sandra Egido they form the duet Look at things different, a choreography, beauty and movement specialised ensemble.