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Elio Toffana

By 20/09/2022February 27th, 2023No Comments


ELIO TOFFANA is Madrid’s rapper. There is where he first got in touch with hip hop culture, influenced by various artist. Toffana’s psycologist asked him to start writing stories, and that’s how Elio created the colective Ziontifik, to which other artists as Dano, Emelvi or Toscano belong.

His first album, “Jóvenes bajo presión”, was produced by his brother Kael and it got him on the eye of the music industry. With his second work, “Espíritu de nuestro tiempo”, he recorded with artists such as C. Tangana. To this album will follow  “Oceánico” and  “Serie 5” the following year, an album inspired by road movies with collaborations as important as El Niño de Elche, Recycled J o Israel B.

Furthermore, Toffana has worked on the cinema with supporting roles in movies like “El truco del manco”, “Alacrán enamorado”, or the more recent “Un verano en Ibiza”.